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  • Health and Nutrition
  • Customer Interaction
  • Sustainability
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Day 1, 3rd March 2014

harnessing innovation

  • Revealing the market imperative for Open Innovation
  • How to effectively build Open Innovation capabilities within your business
  • What does co-creation look like and how does it actually function in an FMCG context?
  • Real case study examples of Open Innovation from Unilever's brands

Paul Quinlan
Open Innovation Director, Beverages & Ice Cream

customer interaction

  • Driving consumer engagement at every step of the process
  • Working with consumers to create the future
  • Exciting the consumer with new and unexpected breakfast offerings

Ciara Dilley
European Senior Director Innovation
Kellogg Company

case study
technological development


  • Assigning consumer based shelf life in FMCG products
  • Exploring a variety of design strategies for stability trials
  • What can we learn from the success stories in other industries?
  • Identifying opportunities in product vs packaging solutions

Ian Scott
Innovation Laboratory Manager

case study
harnessing innovation

  • How to live successfully with innovation conflicts
  • The importance of both the innovation climate and culture; what is the difference, why they are important and what can be measured
  • Idea creation and a few watch outs that can otherwise lead to conflict
  • How to make the ideas as ‘sticky’ as possible and engage rather than antagonise
  • Why respecting diversity is crucial to minimising conflict especially when it comes to personality types
  • Why it’s essential to have a good business process that exercises control but does not overly constrain


Dr Tim Finnigan
Director of R&D
Quorn Foods

case study
technological development

  • Shelf life testing, methodology and considerations
  • Use of accelerated tests to predict shelf life
  • Shelf life extension and assessing levels of success

Persis Subramaniam
Team Leader - Product Development
Leatherhead Food Research

harnessing innovation

  • How to transform a limited supply into a development opportunity
  • How to meet the demanding criteria for your natural flavours labelling
  • The development process behind Solvay’s Rhovanil Natural and its applications
  • Q&A session

Corine Cochennec
Vanil’Expert Center Manager – Natural Vanillin Expert
Solvay Aroma Performance

Corinne Duffy
Natural Vanillin Product Manager
Solvay Aroma Performance

case study
technological development

  • The development process behind Nordic Sugar’s breakthrough 'SteviaSugar' product
  • Enhancing your NPD to appeal to a more varied and demanding consumer base
  • Explore the cross regional elements of a large scale product roll out

Ingemar Gröön
Senior Manager, Product Development
Nordic Sugar A/S

case study
harnessing innovation

  • How does the innovation journey differ in a small or medium sized business?
  • Understand how to transfer an SME’s agility and flexibility into your business
  • What are the key take-aways for businesses wishing to emulate the SME approach

Tom Mercer
Managing Director
Moma Foods Ltd

technological development

  • Effective prediction and assessment of metabolic stress
  • Identifying and overcoming physical challenges
  • Developing a personalised algorithm to improve efficiency and compliance

Ivan Petyaev

harnessing innovation

  • Challenges facing protein supply and pricing
  • Increased use of plant proteins 
  • Innovations in plant protein product development
  • Latest in plant protein nutritional science

Michele Fite
Global Business Leader - Protein Solutions
DuPont Nutrition & Health

Ratna Mukherjea, PhD
Associate Director, Global Nutrition Protein Solutions
DuPont Nutrition & Health


  • The Innovation Showcase is designed to highlight new and innovative solutions that will help the food and beverage industry identify the latest innovations and new technologies
  • Entrants will have 5 minutes to introduce the entire delegate audience to their offering or solution and convince them that they deserve to be the winner of the ‘Food Innovation Showcase Award 2014’
  • The winner will be selected by an audience vote and announced at the evening drinks reception

Francois Delprato
Senior Director, Global Marketing and Commercial Development
Innophos, Inc

Marco Schmidt
Head of Innovation Management
Döhler GmbH

Sandrine Salaneuve
Govanil™ Business Development Manager
Solvay Aroma Performance

harnessing innovation

  • How to drive innovation through a dedicated Innovation Acceleration Team
  • Enhancing the innovation process by leveraging cross-functional R&D and commercial capabilities in your business
  • Case Study examples on accelerating Nestlé's key innovations successfully from idea to market

Dr Anwesha Sarkar
Global Project Leader, Innovation Acceleration Team


  • The winner of the "Food Innovation Showcase Award 2014" will be announced

Day 2, 4th March 2014

global trends


  • A brief overview to picture the landscape of how food legislation is made in Europe
  • An update on the latest regulatory developments which are relevant for your business in terms of innovation and a short outlook
  • How you can prepare your business to anticipate future changes and requirements

Dr Susanne Kettler
Group Director, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Europe
The Coca-Cola Company

harnessing innovation

  • Typical characteristics of an open innovation relationship
  • How to agree on execution?
  • Steering the process – ‘The 5 P’s’
  • Making stakeholder management practical
  • Profile of the Joint Business Development Manager

Willem Posthouwer
Open Innovation Manager

global trends

  • Providing case studies from the global innovation office at Mondelez International
  • Key factors to ensure a successful global roll out of your new product
  • How to connect the dots; consumer insights, business insights, brand insights
  • Understanding innovation on a global scale through better analytical tools across the innovation process
  • Building new global products and portfolios and key success factors in cross functional working

Emanuel Gävert
Global Innovation Manager
Mondelez International

case study

  • Showcasing how the Seaweed Health Foundation is working with its members to use seaweed for salt replacement with positive results for flavour, function and nutritional benefits
  • Explaining what seaweed is and the trends for food and health
  • Optimising your product appeal as seaweed is used as a natural, sustainable, clean label and multi-beneficial ingredient
  • How to reformulate your product using seaweed and communicate the many benefits to your marketplace and consumer demographic


Dr Craig Rose
Executive Director
Seaweed Health Foundation

case study
global trends

  • Companies have a compelling need to invest in innovation for meeting consumer or market demand, ensuring competitive advantage and continuous improvement of existing products.
  • The Open Innovation (OI) team must understand these requirements, quickly react, assess and execute with non-traditional R&D approaches by leveraging external networks, experts and entrepreneurs
  • The OI team must always stay connected, current and be critical thinkers to effectively scout for technologies and partners
  • The success of OI teams in championing and adoption of external know-how with internal stakeholders is possible in an environment that clearly prioritises product targets, knowledge gaps, resources, funding and fosters a cross-functional team spirit

Deepa Shenoy, PhD
Open Innovation
Amway Global Research & Development

case study

  • NPD is having a deeper natural focus, but it's all about education, certification and application
  • How do we lower production costs whilst still fulfilling the consumers ‘natural’ desire
  • Innovation is natural – where developing markets and small business can lead the way


Patrick O'Flaherty
Pip Organic
Founder, Committee Member
Organic Trade Board

case study
customer interaction

  • Aim is to exchange insights in order to be more successful in new technology and product development
  • Innovations are increasingly accompanied by intangible elements and demand to apply technological opportunities to differentiate products
  • Increasing public demand for considering sustainable and ethical resource utilisation
  • Integrated approach to foster consumer-driven and responsive supply chains. Inputs from social and technical sciences are combined to optimise true consumer-driven innovativeness
  • Processes require co-operation within innovation networks between food technology developers (FTD) and consumer scientists that aims to engage FTD, consumer scientists, consumers and all other stakeholders with interests in food to improve their multidisciplinary dialogue

Dr Siet Sijtsema
Senior Researcher, Consumer Behaviour and Food Innovation
LEI Wageningen UR


Karin Zimmermann
Strategic Marketing and Senior Project Manager
LEI Wageningen UR



  • Palm oil and reducing the risk of heart disease
  • The abundant phytonutrients and unique functional properties of palm oil
  • Ensuring sustainable practices in palm oil production
  • Biodiversity and conservation efforts in palm oil plantations

Dr Kalanithi Nesaretnam
Regional Manager MPOB (Europe)
Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Embassy of Malaysia in Belgium

panel discussion
global trends


  • What does the future hold for innovation in the food and beverage industry?
  • What are the key obstacles and challenges that companies will be facing during NPD?
  • How do we attract and retain talent into the food industry?
  • How might innovation help address the big questions of food security and diet related disease?
  • What will be the key factors impacting on innovation in the next few years?

Dr Morgaine Gaye
Food Futurologist
Bellwether Food Trends

Helen Cooper
Managing Director
Grasshopper Foods

Jens Bleiel
Food for Health Ireland

Sophie Castell
Global Category Director, Water
The Coca-Cola Company