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For more information or to enquire about potential speaking opportunities at this leading food innovation event,
please contact Gurtej Johal, on +44 20 7202 7631

Monday 2nd March 2015 (Day 1)

research & development

  • Awaiting full session abstract


Johannes Baensch heads up Nestlé's global research and development operations and he has direct involvement in their growth in markets such as Africa, South America and Asia whilst also overseeing the innovation and new product development in Europe and the US. Johannes has spent over 20 years at Nestlé in a range of job functions and in a number of their offices around the globe.

Johannes Baensch
Senior Vice President, Head of Global R&D


Creativity in the avant-garde movement:

  • How can we define the term "avant-garde" in our sector?
  • What do each of us, as individuals, interpret as avant-garde?
  • How do we manage our creativity and ideas to apply it to our idea of avant-garde?

Andoni Luis Aduriz
Michelin Star Chef
Mugaritz Restaurant

innovation showcase

The Ingredients Innovation Showcase is designed to highlight new ingredient solutions that will help the food and beverage industry identify the latest innovations and new technologies

Entrants will have five minutes to introduce their offering or solution to the entire delegate audience and convince them they deserve to be the winner of the ‘Ingredients Innovation Showcase Award 2015’.

The winner will be selected by an audience vote and announced at the sponsored dinner and award ceremony

case study
research & development

  • Discover some of the latest solutions for achieving a cleaner label
  • Initial stages of development are crucial to effectively avoiding the use of artificial flavours, colourings etc. or additives and supplements
  • How replacing legacy formulations for established or new products can open the window to a new set of consumers

case study
consumer insights & marketing

  • How Heinken transformed Radler from a product launched only in Austria 5 years ago to now being in over 50 countries and counting worldwide
  • From small launch to global product success by knowing your consumer and pinpointing the need in the industry

Marcelo Amstalden Möller
Head of Global CMI – Innovation, Global Brands & Cider
Heineken Group B.V.

research & development

  • Awaiting session abstract


  • How can you make your product innovation standout in such a crowded marketplace?
  • What lessons can the food industry learn from other, similarly competitive industries?
  • How can you manage the risks and threats of stepping out of your comfort zone?
  • The importance of making your product truly innovative and finding a USP

consumer insights & marketing

  • Developing a consistent visual brand of health among your products
  • Growing a natural corporate image
  • Adding product value: Innovative methods to promote nutrition, health, and wellness

case study

  • How has innovation changed in a global marketplace?
  • How can you mitigate the risks? Consumer demographics will dictate the success of any geo-cloned innovations
  • Monitoring and interpreting global open innovation: How to track and exploit foreign developments
  • Tailoring global solutions for your organization and the North American market

research & development

  • Leveraging your nutrition team: How can they advise you on sodium reduction for R&D?
  • Investigating the results of sodium replacement trials
  • Capitalizing on new replacement technologies to improve functionality


  • Awaiting session abstract

consumer insights & marketing

  • Increased consumer power is here to stay and looks set to grow within the food and beverage industry
  • How can you turn consumers into advocates for your brand and build brand loyalty?
  • Exploring proactive methods to align your products to the shifting consumer demand rather than being reactionary

panel discussion

  • What are the benefits of collaborative innovation?
  • Can disruptive innovations only be achieved in Open Innovation?
  • How open is Open Innovation? Do collaborators always hold back?
  • Is true innovation being led by small start-ups or large corporations? What can be learnt from both sides? 

Adrian Cheok
Professor of Pervasive Computing
City University London

consumer insights & marketing

  • What lies behind the increasing demands for the private label in the food and beverage industry?
  • Discover what retailers prioritise in the current climate and how they align to the shifting consumer demand
  • How can your position your business to maximise its appeal to the retail sector?


  • Delegates will have the unique opportunity to network in an informal environment at the highly acclaimed L'atelier des Chefs kitchen in St Paul's for this specially designed global street food cooking class
  • This will be the first time in the event's history that delegates will be able to learn some tips and tricks first-hand from expert chefs

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 (Day 2)

research & development

  • Preparing for the future by making investments which will incur short term costs for long term gains
  • Exploring the divide between wanting to be seen to be sustainable and being truly sustainable
  • Increased commercial responsibility and a focus on 'going green' across the food and beverage industry
  • Exploring global evolutions in diet, flavour and nutrition factors
  • Managing resources between core items and local consumer products
  • Does profit always come first?

case study
research & development

  • Find out how to attain approved health claims for your product
  • Discover revolutionary new methods to adjust your product formulation to meet health claim regulations
  • How can the latest technological innovations help you in maintaining existing health claims?

case study

  • Meeting consumer demands with intelligent innovation
  • Leveraging technical breakthroughs to create business value
  • Effective management of fast paced innovation
  • Applying a continuous improvement mindset to innovation products: optimization throughout a product’s lifecycle
  • Connecting the broader organisation to the innovation agenda to create a best in class innovation programme

Dave Madigan
Global Innovation & Brand Change Director

research & development

  • Going beyond nutrition: utilizing protein to optimize product quality and shelf life
  • Comparing protein benefit, functionality, and price
  • Progressing through the protein lifecycle: Identifying when the timing is right


  • Considering the functional potentials of active packaging
  • Interacting with your consumers through intelligent and responsive material technologies
  • Adapting emerging technologies and principles into your current packaging

consumer insights & marketing

  • Triggering consumer engagement through packaging design
  • Compelling your consumers to share their experience on social media
  • Case study: Why was Share a Coke so successful?

case study
research & development

  • Find out more about the latest innovations including ‘Modified Moisture Packaging’
  • Explore new and innovative pre-packaging techniques
  • Establish strategies that maximise shelf life without impacting on quality

research & development

  • Comprehending the consumer: Clarifying what the non-scientist is looking for in nutrition
  • Pinpointing the correct ingredients and additives to increase your product’s nutrient content
  • Exploring conventional and non-conventional techniques and technologies to preserve nutrition
  • High pressure processing (HPP)
  • UV processing
  • Electric Pulse Field Processing


  • How can I make innovation lean?
  • Streamline the process and cut down time and expense
  • R&D, Innovation and Marketing : determining the process and setting goals
  • Internal conflict management: solving the issues in front of you and those that may arise during the ideation and implementation process

consumer insights & marketing

  • Anticipating consumer views on health and wellness: What influences the next big trend?
  • Tracking trendsetters and thought leaders to predict their next move
  • How does a health fad turn into a mainstream trend? Evaluating the evolution of trends

panel discussion

  • Pinpointing priority emerging markets and growth opportunities
  • Ensuring the emerging market is right for your organisation and product
  • How can you appeal to the burgeoning middle classes? A growing appetite for a western diet
  • Overcoming regional challenges to market penetration and expansion
  • Localising your offering:  the importance of a regional or local focus in order to increase your NPD success rate

consumer insights & marketing

  • Understanding why many consumers are choosing to adopt a certain diets (e.g. gluten free despite not having celiac disease)
  • Is gluten free going to become the next ‘low carb’ trend?
  • Outlining how products can be effectively labelled to meet consumer trends, from a strategic and regulatory perspective
  • Why are some manufacturers labelling products as "gluten free," for example, when they didn’t have gluten in them previously and were not advertised as such?